Chanel Spring 2010 - Black Pearl (513) Le Vernis Nail Colour - Swatches

Black Pearl is a part of Chanel's Collection les Perles de Chanel.  I admit, I was going to pass on this color.  From initial pictures and swatches, I didn't think that this color was going to live up to the hype of past Chanel lacquers.  Though it may not be "Jade-worthy," Black Pearl is a sophisticated and a très chic take on a black/grey polish.  The overall effect is a lustrous steel gray with green irisdescent shimmer.  After seeing the bottle in real life, I really appreciated the green in the shade.  It brings a luminous effect to what could just be a flat steel metallic.  Instead, Black Pearl is a very grown-up and not at all gothy color.  You could definitely get away with this color at work even in a conservative environment. 

I found my bottle's formulation to be a little thin, but it wasn't at all streaky or runny.  Two coats for opacity.  Three thin coats would probably be best for a soft and pearly finish. 

 Can you see the green in the shade?

Black Pearl is $25 for 13ml, 0.4oz.  Black Pearl is limited edition and available at Chanel counters and at

What are your thoughts on this Black Pearl?  Do you have any favorite Chanel lacquers?