Borghese Tempesta Black - Rapido Collection - Swatches and Photos

Tempesta Black

As part of the Rapido collection, though not a Rapido formula (those have a white bottle neck), is Tempesta Black from Borghese.  This shade is a sparkling black creme infused with gray shimmer.  A pretty shade, and a nice twist on the regular black creme, though not extremely unique. The formula was very smooth and applied swimmingly.  Two coats and the nail was fully covered.  The collection display was slightly odd.  There were Rapido formulations mixed with regular formulas in new shades.  The colors that were most interesting to me were in traditional formula, so I didn't pick up the Rapido, fast-drying, formula.  Maybe next time.  However, the price of this brand, $8 a bottle, is a little steep. 

 Tempest Black is $8 at drugstores.