Wish You Had Jesse's Girl High Intensity Nail Color - Glee and Confetti - Photos and Swatches

Jesse's Girl High Intensity Nail Color in Glee

Wish you could find a polish like that?!  Sorry to song bomb!  This was my first experience with Jesse's Girl Cosmetics.  The display had a lot of brightly colored bottles, but the two that came home with me were Glee and Confetti.  Glee is a turquoise with a blue, green duochrome shimmer that applied to full opacity after two coats.  My favorite way to wear this, and also Confetti, was 1 coat over a black creme. 

Confetti is a sheer soft lilac with violet and pink duochrome shimmer. This color was much more sheer than Glee.  Even with three coats, I could still see my nail.  But that wasn't so much of a disappointment.  I liked this polish much more as an effect over black.  The violet, blue, pink all comes out over black.  I was overall mesmerized by the effect, and this my preferred method of wear.

Glee over Wet n' Wild Black Creme.

Glee 2 coats and Glee over black on the thumb.

Confetti over Wet n' Wild Black Creme.

This is three coats.
Formaldehyde Resin in the formula.  Only be concerned if you have an allergy and keep away from flame.

If you want to read more about formaldehyde resin and the Big 3 in nail polish formula, read this post from All Lacquered Up.  It serves as a good reference.   Does anyone else know of one that is more recent?  Please post a link in the comments!

Jesse's Girl High Intensity Nail Color are $2.99 and available at Rite Aid stores.