Borghese Tempesta Black - Rapido Collection - Swatches and Photos

Tempesta Black

As part of the Rapido collection, though not a Rapido formula (those have a white bottle neck), is Tempesta Black from Borghese.  This shade is a sparkling black creme infused with gray shimmer.  A pretty shade, and a nice twist on the regular black creme, though not extremely unique. The formula was very smooth and applied swimmingly.  Two coats and the nail was fully covered.  The collection display was slightly odd.  There were Rapido formulations mixed with regular formulas in new shades.  The colors that were most interesting to me were in traditional formula, so I didn't pick up the Rapido, fast-drying, formula.  Maybe next time.  However, the price of this brand, $8 a bottle, is a little steep. 

 Tempest Black is $8 at drugstores.

Borghese - Fall 2010 - Vigneto Berry and Scintilla Magic

Below are two polishes from Borghese's Scintillare Fall 2010 collection. This collection consists of 6 colors all with glitter. It's also a mix of Matte and normal, but it's not explained what's matte or regular? Fortunately and also unknowingly, I purchased one of each type from the collection.

Vigneto Berry - is a magenta matte with chunky pink fuchsia glitter. I know people have mixed feelings about Matte, but generally I like them. This however was an epic fail as matte. It just looked chunky and lumpy... honestly, just plain ugly. But, two coats of Poshe later and it's stunning.

Scintilla Magic - is a thinnish jelly real red with micro red glitter. I love the name. It's really like a flash of magic. The shade radiates. There are a lot of colors like this (China Glaze Ruby Pumps comes to mind), but I was really impressed by the formula and application. I liked that it was slightly thinner and easier to build up. On my nails below is three coats with 1 coat top coat.

Normally, I think Borghese to be slightly overpriced, but I purchased these with a coupon and at RiteAid on BOGO (score!). I actually only owned 1 Borghese before I purchased these two. I think I might try to get some others from this collection. These polishes are limited edition.

Ewww.. so do not like the texture of this. Matte + glitter = chunky dried vomit

Just not pretty. Makes me sad. :(

2 coats of top coat to the rescue! I used Poshe here. Seriously, what a lifesaver.

Ka-pow! Look at the dimension and complexity.

Matte, I couldn't wait to take it off, but now with glassy top coat, I don't want to take it off.

If you follow me on Twitter, you may recall me mentioning that I dressed as Jem and the Holograms for Halloween a couple years back. This color strikes me as a Jem shade. Truly outrageous!

Scintilla Magic - not matte
Not unique, but it's done so well. The application is perfection. The formula is thin, but there is tons of teeny micro glitter in each stroke.

I will definitely be wearing this over the holidays. Colors like this make me happy.

This color just seems to glow!

Thanks for looking and Happy Friday!