Your Nails Are Like Buttah - Butter London All Hail The Queen

Butter London - All Hail The Queen

Butter!  I can't think of the combination of butter + nails without bringing to mind one of my favorite Mike Meyers SNL characters Linda Richman, host of Coffee Talk.  Sigh, they just don't make them like that anymore.

Recently, I did a little Butter London haulage of some colors I've been dying to try.  The first I've swatched is All Hail The Queen, a neutral beige taupe with silver holographic shimmer.  This falls into the very difficult and elite category of  interesting yet work appropriate.  I was impressed by the smooth (yes, almost butter-y) application of the polish.  Two coats and I had full coverage.

Butter London nail polishes are $14 each, available at and on Butter London's website

My recent Butter haul, more swatches to come!

I'm a little faklempt... talk amongst yourselves.

Butter London is neither a spread nor a city... discuss.