Can't Believe It! I won The Polishaholic's Giveaway! Christmas Comes Early!

Wow!!! I can't believe I won!
Jen from The Polishaholic had a giveaway a couple weeks ago!  And... to my absolute SHOCK, I won!  When I received the package, I was seriously squealing with glee.  My husband even commented something along the lines of..., "Wow, now that's a nice giveaway."  lol  I really felt that Christmas had come early.  Jen even personalized the package and sent Marlowe some Christmas presents too!  Each gift was wrapped, so I really did feel like it was Christmas morning.  She also included an adorable ornament resembling her dog Degen, who is the yummiest hot dog ever. 

I am so appreciative of the wonderful bloggers who take their time to post and put so much love and effort into their blogs.  I can't believe that they give away stuff to their readers when they give so much of themselves day in and day out on the blog. 

Thank you Jen!  You have really made my and Marlowe's holiday so much brighter this year!

A Degen card and toy for Marlowe.

The boot-tay!

How lucky am I?!  I won - E.L.F. Holiday Trio, Ulta Wicked Wonderland Holiday Mini-Set,
Nicole By OPI Tinsel Tips Mini Set (yay so happy because I didn't have any of these!),
4 Snowman polishes (1 I forgot to photograph.  It was hiding), 1 China Glaze Frosty, 2 adorable ornaments, candy and gifts for Marlowe!!!!!! 

"How did she know I LOVE these!"

"....Love to eat them up that is!!!  Thanks Jen!!!!!!"

Make sure to check out and follow Jen's blog, The Polishaholic!

I am not sure if I can come close to this awesomeness, but I will be having a giveaway soon.... be on the look out!