Lighten Up Your Lipsticks With MAC Lightfully Bright Lipglasses in Atmospheric and Ethereal

 Would Rainbow Brite wear these?

Hi everyone!  I haven't been feeling well lately, so today's post will be quick.  When I went for my MAC Wonder Woman makeover, I found that my local MAC store was carrying the Lightfully Bright collection.  Lightfully Bright is an Asia exclusive and was supposed to be online only, but I guess there are displays at a few free-standing MAC stores.

I picked up two of the limited edition Lipglasses from the collection.  These shades are sheer and probably best applied as accents on top of lipstick.  Their light reflective micro glitters makes them pretty, but I wouldn't go to the trouble of hunting these down.  I think they are easy to dupe and relatively similar on the lips.  Astro Cool, which I didn't purchase, was a less shimmery/duochrome-y version of Atmospheric, which I picked up.  Atmospheric is a sheer fuchsia pink with bright pink, violet, blue irisdescent shimmer.  Ethereal, my favorite of the collection, is a sheer milky baby blue with pink and violet shimmer.  If you liked Best of Breed, from Fabulous Felines, but found it too gray on lips (I know I did), you will like Ethereal!  Outer Space, the fourth Lipglass of the collection, is a sheer soft off-white, but I had similar products.

 Atmospheric, Ethereal
 Click to enlarge to see the shimmer.
 Ruby Woo alone.
 Ruby Woo with Atmospheric.
  Ruby Woo with Atmospheric.
  Ruby Woo with Ethereal.
  Ruby Woo with Ethereal.

As you can see, Ethereal is slightly milkier which lends to more of a color change on lip colors.  Do you *need* both or four?  Probably not.  But it would be nice to have one or one that similar to add a little brightness to your lips when needed.

Lightfully Bright collection is available at  Atmospheric and Ethereal lipglasses are $14.50 for 4.8g, 0.17oz

Saturday Stash #001 - Clé de Peau Beauté Lip Color Compact in 102! A New Series!

 Jewel inspired lip compact.

So here is a new feature on Beautyburg, a weekly peak into my stash.  I will be pulling an older item or something that I've loving and share it with you guys.  Feel free to share some of your favorite items from your stash in the comments or tweet it to me!  I love seeing different collections.

Here is one of my most elegant pieces of lip lacquer.  Clé de Peau Beauté put out a couple of these gorgeous lip cases inspired by gems.  The lip color part applies very light but super rich in pigmentation.  The gloss has tiny micro glitters and is really slick.  The combination is actually very long lasting.  This formula lasts on lips for up to 4 hours.  I think it's pretty impressive considering how slippery and shiny the gloss part is. 

The red lipstick portion.
 With the gloss on top.  Enlarge to see the tiny glitter.
 This case comes with the best retractable lip brush.  
A rounded tip lip brush on one end and a spatula for gloss on the other. 
Sadly this product isn't available anymore!  There are some newer formulas out from CdP that I am dying to try.  But these products are pricey, so it might have to be one at a time.

So what's your favorite thing from your stash!?

MAC Wonder Woman Collection Lipglass in Wonder Woman

Glamazon sized lipglass in Wonder Woman.  Super-sized doe foot applicator.

Have you gotten your girl power on yet?  I am feeling pretty powerful with MAC's Wonder Woman collection.  I like how it encompasses everything I love about makeup: it's fun, playful, empowering and pretty!  I purchased the collection's namesake lipglass.  Wonder Woman, the lipglass, is a pretty semi-sheer pretty cherry red with golden micro sparkly micro glitter. 

These gigantor lipglasses have some positive and negatives.  Let's start positive.  This jumbo lipglass offers a super size value.  Regular MAC Lipglasses are $14.50 for 4.8g, 0.17oz, $85.29 per oz. MAC Wonder Woman Lipglasses are $20 for 10.5g, 0.37oz, $54.05 per oz.  If you love the color, you will get a lot of gloss for less money.  Now for the negative, even though it's a better value, you are still paying more for lipgloss.  The giant size also lends to be a disadvantage for these glosses.  The huge doe foot applicator makes application a little tricky.  If you have thinner lips, applying these glosses may take a really steady hand.  I also found that removing the wand required more than usual effort.  You definitely had to tug to get it out of the tube.  Also, when pulling out the wand, gloss flings during removal.  Be careful not get drop gloss on your clothes or floor.

Overall, I'm glad I picked up the color that I liked most.  There is a ton of excitement for this collection, and I'm sure that many things will sell out quickly.  However, I don't think I will be picking up any other glosses from this collection.  I found the glamazon-sized doe foot applicator difficult to maneuver. 

My haul.  See my review of the powder blushes.
Do you like, love or hate the packaging?
Wonder Woman swatched.  See the tiny golden glitter.
On lips. I think this color is so pretty, but I did find it physically hard to apply.
 Wonder Woman launches February 10th in the US.

To Review:
MAC Wonder Woman Lipglass in Wonder Woman is available at now and at stores February 10th.
Pro: Big (literally) value.  You get a lot more gloss for your money.
Con: BIG applicator.  Those with thinner lips may find application difficult.  Takes a good heave-ho to pull out the applicator from the tube.  Watch for flying gloss when you're pulling out the applicator.  Limited edition.
Overall Beautyburg Rating: B

Covergirl NatureLuxe Gloss Balm SPF 15 in Hibiscus 215 - Easy Everyday Lips - Photos and Swatches

NatureLuxe Gloss Balm in Hibiscus.

Does anyone remember Covergirl Lipslicks Lipgloss?  They still make them, but I never liked them much.  They smelled incredibly waxy, and they felt exactly how they smelled.  Just not a pleasurable lipgloss/lip balm/lippie experience.

Now comes Covergirl NatureLuxe Gloss Balm SPF 15, a new lip balm with sheer color.  This is a huge improvement over Lipslicks.  No waxy scent.  No waxy feel.  This formula is infused with shea and mango butter and feels super moisturizing.  There is a little more than a hint of color, not completely sheer, and just a touch of shine.  This is my new go-to for quick, casual YLBB (your lips but better).   I think I need more shades.

Nice clear top to view the color.  No guess work from a plastic swatch.

Hibiscus 215, a sheer blue pink.

Swatched.  Shine but not super slippery.

Hibiscus on lips. 

Covergirl NatureLuxe Gloss Balm SPF 15 in Hibiscus 215 $6 for 0.07oz is available at drugstores nationwide.  Available in 16 shades.

What's your favorite YLBB product?

MAC Peacocky Kissable Lipcolour - Enchantée and Strut Your Stuff

 Enchantée and Strut Your Stuff.

Here's more to our MAC Catch Up Friday!  So many new collections out and 2011 is just getting started.  I had so much fun going into detail about Mega Metal Shadows that I completely neglected Kissable Lipcolours which also came out with the Peacocky collection.

Kissable Lipcolours are new formula that's more liquid lipstick than lipgloss.  These are similar in texture to Korres Raspberry Antioxidant Liquid Lipsticks, ($22 for 0.12oz).  MAC's version is cheaper ($18 for 5g, 0.17oz) and a better value.  I also prefer the texture to these vs. the Korres.  They feel really moisturizing on lips, maybe hence the idea of being "kissable."

I purchased only two shades, but there are 12 shades available, including one artist color (Peacocky a teal blue).  These are limited edition, so if you like them, get them now.  Enchantée is a soft blue-based baby milky pink.  This reminds me of the Lady Gaga Viva Glam, but I didn't do a comp swatch.  Very pink, very light.  I purchased this online not knowling what the texture and transparency would be like.  As you can see, these are rather opaque, so for my NC35 skin, it's a little too light.  Strut Your Stuff is a blazen orange red.  The only negative thing I would say about this shade is that considering this formula, I would expect bleeding or straying.  This isn't the type of color that will just stay in place, and also the fact that it's so pigmented, you may want to start first with a lipliner to prevent bleeding.

 Enchantée and Strut Your Stuff.

 Enchantée en lèvres.

Strut Your Stuff on the catwalk, the street, your hallway.  It's a walk-off people!

Have you tried these yet?  Do you like liquid lipsticks?  How do you wear baby pink lips?

Hello Kitty by Sephora - Say Hello Eyeshadow and Lipgloss Palette in Super Fun - Swatches and Review

 Say hi to Say Hello Palette from Hello Kitty by Sephora!

If you saw our First Look at some products from the Hello Kitty by Sephora line, you have probably been tapping your foot waiting for me to swatch this palette.  I really wanted to give it a thorough road test before I brought it back to you guys.  I didn't want my opinion to only be based on the good looks of this palette.  So.. with that let's begin.

Say hi to Hello Kitty by Sephora's Say Hello Palette in Super Fun.  The palette consists of two layers, 1 mirrored, holding four eyeshadows and four lipglosses, all in an absolutely adorable pearl/metallic case resembling that icon snowball-head cat, HK.  Being burned by a lot of the products from the Toki Doki line, I swore that I wouldn't be overloaded by the cuteness from just packaging again.  My experience so far has been mixed on collaborations of non-cosmetics company collaborations with Sephora (e.g. Toki Doki, Kat von D, etc).  I wasn't sure how these products would measure up as a cosmetics line vs. just a pretty package.  If anything, I think I may have judged this line with a little bit of extra scrutiny.  It's not fair to get away with good looks alone, right?!

Let's see if this line has anything to back up that pretty little kitty face....

Adorable silver bow on HK.  She has a beautiful opal glow!

 The shades.  Super Fun colors according to the label! 

 Eyeshadows (clockwise starting with upper left): Sugar Plum, Sweet Plum, Goodnight Dreams, Raindrop.

Swatched dry, no base.  Left to right: Sugar Plum, Sweet Plum, Goodnight Dreams, Raindrop. 
Swatched over Urban Decay Primer Potion original.  Left to right: Sugar Plum, Sweet Plum, Goodnight Dreams, Raindrop. 

I guess "Super Fun" translates into cool purple, silver and sparkley black shades in Hello Kitty's world.  lol  I actually thought that these shades were really complimentary, and they looked great on the eye together and alone.  I created looks with all four and also with only using two.  I wasn't expecting much in the way of pigmentation, but I think that they delivered well over an eyeshadow primer, nice surprise!  The black shade, Goodnight Dreams, was surprisingly very, very carbon black.  However, a big downfall was the texture.  Chalky and dry.  The texture wasn't the worst, but I experienced a lot of fall out during application, which is always a hassle. 

Lipglosses (clockwise starting with upper left): Snowflake, Strawberry Cookie, Sweet Plum, Pink Confetti.

 Left to right: Snowflake, Strawberry Cookie, Pink Confetti, Sweet Plum.
The lipglosses left a lot to be desired.  They were all extremely sheer, and once applied on the lips, looked very similar.  Also without applicators, you will have to use your own lipbrush (or finger) to apply. 
It could just be nostalgia, but these glosses have somewhat of a strong fragrance.  To me they have that classic Sanrio lip product scent.  I remember begging my parents for a tube of what was basically chapstick with Little Twin Stars logo printed on it, and it smelled exactly like this.  I personally don't find the scent offensive or distracting, but I could see someone not being a fan of the lip portion of this palette for this reason.  The scent to me was always a mix of wax, rose and candy.  It wasn't really something that I wanted to taste on my lips.  The Say Hello Palette's glosses' scent fades over time, but some may still not like this aspect.  If you are sensitive to scents in lip products, make sure to see (sniff) this in person.

If you missed the VIB pre-sale, don't worry... Hello Kitty is almost at Sephora stores.  Sign up on Sephora's site for updates on the exact day this line will be launched. 

To Review:
Hello Kitty by Sephora Say Hello Eyeshadow and Lipgloss Palette in Super Fun - $35 for 4 x  2g, 0.07oz eyeshadows, 4 x  2g, 0.07oz lipglosses.  Available at Sephora mid-January. 
Pro: Ah-door-rah-bull packaging.  Pigmentation better than expected on eyeshadows, but still leaves something to be desired.  Pretty and complimentary shades.
Con: Fragrance of lipglosses (personal bias).  Extremely sheer finish on lipglosses.  Fallout from eyeshadows.  No applicators.
Overall Beautyburg Rating: B 
(Might have been a B- if it weren't for the "looks." haha)

Do you think better packaged products get away with more?  When does design/packaging become not as important as the product? Do you have any items from the this line you want to check out?

Do you have a Sanrio character you would like to see with a makeup line or product?  I want to see Badtz Maru eyeliner, Deery Lou (did you know he's a GUY?) mascara, Purin body lotion, My Melody blush and Tuxedo Sam anything, he's a favorite.