My Superhero Transformation with MAC Wonder Woman Collection! Plain Jane No More!

 Me glamazon-ed (minus the height).

My local MAC store had a makeover event, and I decided to check it out to get my glam on.  The Wonder Woman collection is all about empowerment and getting larger than life.  It's about stepping out of your daily plain Jane routine and being a feminine force to be reckoned with.  So you best come correct.
 My Plain Jane look. (Before)  Save me Wonder Woman!
 Makeovers, photos, glamorizing!
 Inette, my makeup artist and my AFTER look.

The products from my look:
Prep + Prime Skin
Mineralized Foundation SPF 15 in NC30
Mineralized Skinfinish Natural in Medium Plus
Cremeblush in Uncommon
Mineralized Blush in Warm Soul

Fluidline in Dipdown for brows
Paint Pot in Painterly
Wonder Woman Eyeshadow Quad in Valiant
Wonder Woman Opulash in Victorious
My own lashes

Creamstick Liner in Creamola To Shop
Wonder Woman Lipstick in Marquise d'
Wonder Woman Lipglass in Emancipation

 Wonder Women! 
 The goddess herself overseeing all beautifying!
 A comic come to life!
 I wonder how this feels?
 Pink Power!  Me comic-con'ed.
After my makeover, you got to transform once again into a comic with your own custom caption! 
Pow! How powerful can makeovers be?

Wonder Woman Collection is available at and at your local MAC counters.  Check your local store for events.

MAC Wonder Woman Collection Lipglass in Wonder Woman

Glamazon sized lipglass in Wonder Woman.  Super-sized doe foot applicator.

Have you gotten your girl power on yet?  I am feeling pretty powerful with MAC's Wonder Woman collection.  I like how it encompasses everything I love about makeup: it's fun, playful, empowering and pretty!  I purchased the collection's namesake lipglass.  Wonder Woman, the lipglass, is a pretty semi-sheer pretty cherry red with golden micro sparkly micro glitter. 

These gigantor lipglasses have some positive and negatives.  Let's start positive.  This jumbo lipglass offers a super size value.  Regular MAC Lipglasses are $14.50 for 4.8g, 0.17oz, $85.29 per oz. MAC Wonder Woman Lipglasses are $20 for 10.5g, 0.37oz, $54.05 per oz.  If you love the color, you will get a lot of gloss for less money.  Now for the negative, even though it's a better value, you are still paying more for lipgloss.  The giant size also lends to be a disadvantage for these glosses.  The huge doe foot applicator makes application a little tricky.  If you have thinner lips, applying these glosses may take a really steady hand.  I also found that removing the wand required more than usual effort.  You definitely had to tug to get it out of the tube.  Also, when pulling out the wand, gloss flings during removal.  Be careful not get drop gloss on your clothes or floor.

Overall, I'm glad I picked up the color that I liked most.  There is a ton of excitement for this collection, and I'm sure that many things will sell out quickly.  However, I don't think I will be picking up any other glosses from this collection.  I found the glamazon-sized doe foot applicator difficult to maneuver. 

My haul.  See my review of the powder blushes.
Do you like, love or hate the packaging?
Wonder Woman swatched.  See the tiny golden glitter.
On lips. I think this color is so pretty, but I did find it physically hard to apply.
 Wonder Woman launches February 10th in the US.

To Review:
MAC Wonder Woman Lipglass in Wonder Woman is available at now and at stores February 10th.
Pro: Big (literally) value.  You get a lot more gloss for your money.
Con: BIG applicator.  Those with thinner lips may find application difficult.  Takes a good heave-ho to pull out the applicator from the tube.  Watch for flying gloss when you're pulling out the applicator.  Limited edition.
Overall Beautyburg Rating: B

MAC Wonder Woman Powder Blush - Mighty Aphrodite and Amazon Princess - Swatches, Photos and Review

Mighty Aphrodite and Amazon Princess powder blush duos.

Pa-pa-POW!  Here are the two blushes from MAC's Wonder Woman collection.  These glamazon size blushes were among my picks from the collection.  The value of the size, and the overall pigmentation and application were standouts for me.  I still would like to pick up one of those big Mineralized Skinfish trios, but Pink Power has been sold out for some time already online and wasn't available at my local MAC's store preview party.  I hope to pick it up later this week when the collection launches in stores. 

The larger sizes of some of the products from this collection offers a chance for a better bang for your buck, if you like the colors.  Take a look at some of the math below: 

Powder blushes from the Wonder Woman collection are $24 12.3g, 0.43oz  $55.81 per oz.
- vs -
Regular powder blushes from MAC are $19.50 6g, 0.23oz $84.78 per oz.

Pretty in pink - Might Aphrodite duo.
Left to right: light portion, dark portion, mixed of Mighty Aphrodite.
Amazon Princess - a blue based pink with darker plum with gold shimmer.
Left to right: Light portion, dark portion, mixed of Amazon Princess.
Love this packaging.  Do you keep boxes when it's this fun?
My haul.  See my post on Wonder Woman Lipglass.
Collection will be in stores in the US February 10th, 2011.

To Review:
MAC Wonder Woman Powder Blush in Mighty Aphrodite and Amazon Princess are $24 each for 12.3g, 0.43oz and limited edition.
Pro: Big (literally) value.  Very pigmented colors.  Will last a very long time.
Con: Love it or hate it on the packaging.  Limited edition.  Bigger value calls for bigger price.
Overall Beautyburg Rating: A-

Have you done any Wonder Woman haulage?  Do you plan on getting anything?  Are you loving this or letting it go?

MAC Wonder Woman Preview Party - Photos!

 The displays!

Hey everyone!  Just a quick post for you today.  Last night I went to a preview event at my local MAC store for the new Wonder Woman collection.  If last night showed me anything, it's that people are extremely excited about this collection.  There was a line out the door or this preview party, and many of the items sold out quickly!  I even arrived 30 minutes early, and I was still maybe the 20th person in.  Coming from NYC, where people queue up for any and everything, I wasn't really expecting this type of reaction in the South SF Bay Area.  Well, if last night was an indicator of the anticipation for this collection, I can safely predict that this collection will be something that will sell out.  Maybe not everything, but I think there is enough hype about some of the products that you may want to act quickly.  

The Wonder Woman collection is already available online if you are a MAC PRO, and Pink Power, the glamazon sized Mineralized Skinfish Trio, is already sold out.  Yes, you heard me..... sold out!  Already!  It's not even launched yet!  It's PRO only now, and it's STILL sold out?! 

Of course, I was really excited about this particular item, and at the preview party today, they said that they had only received 4 in their shipment that weren't for the displays.  However, they did assure that there were more coming.  Phew!  I hope I can get my hands on one.

 Wonder Woman making her presence known!

 Lots of MAC fans!

POW!  Can't wait for this collection to launch.

I will be covering an in-store event later when the line launches.  The sales associates at MAC were really pumped about it!  They said there would be a photobooth or something where you can take your picture and it turns you into a comic.  I am officially intrigued! 

MAC Wonder Woman officially launches in MAC stores and counters across the US February 10th, 2011.  As usual, it will probably be online at the Tuesday before.  For PROs, it is available online now. 

Are you interested in this collection at all?  If so, what are you thinking about getting?  If you had a super power, what would it be and why?!  :)