Sally Hansen Hard As Nails Xtreme Wear Nail Color Grey Area - Photos and Swatches

Grey Area = purple + dark grey creme.  

Here is a new limited edition color from Sally Hansen Hard As Nails Xtreme Wear Nail ColorGrey Area is a dark grey purple.  I would love to use this as base for Konading.  Xtreme Wear is such a pigmented formula that it also works well as the stamping color.  And if you just wanted to paint it on your nails, you can do that too.  The application was so smooth.  With two coats I had total coverage.  I love Xtreme Wear Nail Colors for the formula, the colors and most importantly the price (usually under $3 a piece!).

Sally Hansen Hard As Nails Xtreme Wear Nail Color in Grey Area  is $2.99 and at drugstores nationwide.

Sally Hansen Xtreme Beauty Kit - Night Lights Xtreme Wear

I remember about two years ago, Scrangie had posted about being really disappointed with a gift set from Sally Hansen that she had purchased.  The photos on the box were misleading, and the contents were an epic fail.  Here is the post if you want to take a look (I would have been confused too!!). 

So back to today... almost two years later... I have avoided any Sally Hansen sets, which have been popping up for the holidays, thinking that nothing good could be inside. 

Until........ I saw this! 

Hold.The.Mother.F'ing.Phone....... IS THAT A HOLO?!

I think I did a double take in the store because these kits never have anything interesting.  I decided to buy it to check it out. 

Night Lights Xtreme Wear in this Xtreme Beauty Kit.

Night Lights is a graphite gray very sheer jelly with holographic microglitter.  After asking the Nail Board on MakeupAlley, I found out that Night Lights was an older color (not a part of the current line), hence the white bottle cap. I had seen a post on GetchaNailzDid from February 2009, where Brooke found Night Lights at her local Dollar Tree.  This kit was $7.99, but Night Lights was totally worth buying the kit for. 

 In the shade.

 Holo-y goodness.

This is 3 coats.  I might try it over 1 coat black.  See what happens.

Would you get this kit just for the polish?

Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear Mystic Lilac

Oh the ever so mythical... Mystic Lilac. Someone had posted about you months ago on MakeupAlley. I waited and waited for you to show up to my local drug store... checking week after week to see if you had arrived. Just when I'm about to give up, there you are.. and at BOGO no less. Miracles do happen people.

The display.
Previous post click here for Fireberry Red.
I will do a roundup on the colors I've purchased from this collection.

Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear - Mystic Lilac - a muted lilac with teal shimmer.
Very subtle and very pretty. Can definitely be worn to work.

Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear - Fireberry Red - Fall 2010

You know until very recently, I never paid much attention to Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear. I want to blame it on the bottle, but I think it just had to do with availability... meaning that it's always available. So with endless LEs, new collections, etc Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear was low on my priority list.

That was until I met Purple Pizazz. It's funny that it took a LE to grab my attention on the Xtreme Wear line. Shortly after trying Purple Pizazz, I thought to myself, "Hey these have amazing wear, nice pigmentation and are $2.99!" There was really nothing to not like.

Below is the display for the Fall Collection of Xtreme Wear. This collection consists of 8 gorgeous colors, 4 of which I picked up. The first one I will be posting is Fireberry Red. Fireberry Red is a gorgeous crimson shade with ruby and golden duochrome. It's jelly-ish and rich. I almost didn't get this one initially. To add to reasons why I may have looked past Xtreme Wear previously is that you can't get a good sense of the color from the bottle. The bottle is narrow and doesn't offer much "free" space (area where the label isn't visible). I'm really glad I did pick this up. It's a stunning, rich red that I'm going to have fun wearing this fall.

The display. This collection also contains Purple Gala and the ever so mystical Mystic Lilac.
I picked those up as well and will be swatching them soon.

Index, Middle - 4 coats; Ring, Pinkie - 3 coats
I think 4 is the better application. Just gives the color more depth.

I have been wearing this color for 4 days. Just barely getting tippage now.