Sally Hansen Xtreme Beauty Kit - Night Lights Xtreme Wear

I remember about two years ago, Scrangie had posted about being really disappointed with a gift set from Sally Hansen that she had purchased.  The photos on the box were misleading, and the contents were an epic fail.  Here is the post if you want to take a look (I would have been confused too!!). 

So back to today... almost two years later... I have avoided any Sally Hansen sets, which have been popping up for the holidays, thinking that nothing good could be inside. 

Until........ I saw this! 

Hold.The.Mother.F'ing.Phone....... IS THAT A HOLO?!

I think I did a double take in the store because these kits never have anything interesting.  I decided to buy it to check it out. 

Night Lights Xtreme Wear in this Xtreme Beauty Kit.

Night Lights is a graphite gray very sheer jelly with holographic microglitter.  After asking the Nail Board on MakeupAlley, I found out that Night Lights was an older color (not a part of the current line), hence the white bottle cap. I had seen a post on GetchaNailzDid from February 2009, where Brooke found Night Lights at her local Dollar Tree.  This kit was $7.99, but Night Lights was totally worth buying the kit for. 

 In the shade.

 Holo-y goodness.

This is 3 coats.  I might try it over 1 coat black.  See what happens.

Would you get this kit just for the polish?