MAC Wonder Woman Preview Party - Photos!

 The displays!

Hey everyone!  Just a quick post for you today.  Last night I went to a preview event at my local MAC store for the new Wonder Woman collection.  If last night showed me anything, it's that people are extremely excited about this collection.  There was a line out the door or this preview party, and many of the items sold out quickly!  I even arrived 30 minutes early, and I was still maybe the 20th person in.  Coming from NYC, where people queue up for any and everything, I wasn't really expecting this type of reaction in the South SF Bay Area.  Well, if last night was an indicator of the anticipation for this collection, I can safely predict that this collection will be something that will sell out.  Maybe not everything, but I think there is enough hype about some of the products that you may want to act quickly.  

The Wonder Woman collection is already available online if you are a MAC PRO, and Pink Power, the glamazon sized Mineralized Skinfish Trio, is already sold out.  Yes, you heard me..... sold out!  Already!  It's not even launched yet!  It's PRO only now, and it's STILL sold out?! 

Of course, I was really excited about this particular item, and at the preview party today, they said that they had only received 4 in their shipment that weren't for the displays.  However, they did assure that there were more coming.  Phew!  I hope I can get my hands on one.

 Wonder Woman making her presence known!

 Lots of MAC fans!

POW!  Can't wait for this collection to launch.

I will be covering an in-store event later when the line launches.  The sales associates at MAC were really pumped about it!  They said there would be a photobooth or something where you can take your picture and it turns you into a comic.  I am officially intrigued! 

MAC Wonder Woman officially launches in MAC stores and counters across the US February 10th, 2011.  As usual, it will probably be online at the Tuesday before.  For PROs, it is available online now. 

Are you interested in this collection at all?  If so, what are you thinking about getting?  If you had a super power, what would it be and why?!  :)