Sephora Endless Color Blockbuster Palette - SWATCHED! - Part 4: Warm Lips

Sephora Collection Endless Color Blockbuster Palette - Warm Lips

I have to say... swatching this entire palette is a TON of work!  Oh so many colors to go through.  But I knew that this was the gutbuster of all holiday palettes, which probably explains why it's growing popularity as a holiday gift offering from Sephora.  Each year they just seem to get bigger and better.

UPDATE: for swatches of the palette!
Links to other swatches:
    Again, here is what's inside the Endless Color Blockbuster Palette.  Limited Edition.  $48 at Sephora.
    This set contains:
    - 98 eyeshadows
    - 70 lipglosses
    - 6 cream eyeliners
    - 2 lip liners
    - 3 pencil eyeliners
    - 1 mascara
    - 3 blushes
    - 4 applicators

    Now to the swatches!  There was a nice mix of frost, shimmer, gloss, glitter, metallic, balm and creme finishes.   Many of the lip colors were surprisingly pigmented.  Plenty of room for experimenting.  I liked using some of the colors from Row 1 to give other shades a warm holiday shimmer.  Definitely, feel free to mix up your custom color.  Overall, a good variety, but I wish there had been a few more nude lip shades.

     Row 1

     Row 2

     Row 3

     Row 4

     Row 5

     Row 6

    Row 7

    This palette is all about *quantity* over quality, though the quality isn't terrible.  If you want a show-stopper of a present for someone who likes makeup but doesn't already have a significant stash... this may be the gift to give.

    Are you giving away makeup gifts this season?