Sephora Endless Color Blockbuster Palette - SWATCHED! - Part 2: Cool Eyeshadows

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The cool eyeshadows close up.

So many shades!!

Sephora's Endless Color Blockbuster Palette is a makeup kit busting at the gut!  For $48, 180 colors seems isn't a bad deal.  Real makeup gurus maybe disappointed with the overall quality (which is okay not good, great, amazing), but those who love makeup but who may not own that many colors will probably love this.  The packaging and design is also hard to turn down.

When swatching each and every eyeshadow, I really got to test the quality of all 98 colors.  If you want variety, this palette has every shade under the sun.  Mathematically, you could have millions of eyeshadow combinations!  I was actually impressed that some of them had such good color pay-off (especially on the cool side) from the bright shades, but overall, I would say that I wouldn't jump to this palette to be impressive on quality.  The texture of the shadows were hard and sometimes chalky.  The lighter shades were disappointing in texture and

This is about quantity, not quality, people.  So just keep that in mind.

Review (Eyeshadows only):
Pros: A lot of colors and makeup for yo' money.  Bright colors had good color pay-off. 
Cons: Hard texture.  Washed out neutral shades.

These two rows were surprisingly pigmented!

This is where the color started to get more washed-out.



UPDATE: for swatches of rest of the palette!
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