First Look: Sephora Endless Color Blockbuster palette Holiday 2010 - Gift Guide Series

Sephora Endless Color Blockbuster

UPDATE: for swatches of the palette!
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Here is another first look for our Holiday Gift Guide series. In recent years, Sephora has come out with a large eyes, lips, cheeks palette that seems to get bigger each year. Appropriately named, these yearly releases are dubbed as "Blockbuster" palettes. This year's version, Endless Color Blockbuster, is a huge offering of eyes, lips, cheeks, face options.

This set contains:
- 98 eyeshadows
- 70 lipglosses
- 6 cream eyeliners
- 2 lip liners
- 3 pencil eyeliners
- 1 mascara
- 3 blushes (one could be used as a bronzer)
- 4 applicators

The iconic shopping bag shape

The palette.

The bag opens in half to reveal two eyeshadow levels.
One side cool, another side warm.

The warm toned shadows.

Detail of the cool-toned shadows.

The shadows slide out to reveal the lip layers.

Cool lips. Purples, wines, berries.

Detail of glosses. Pearly, shimmer, glitter.

Warm toned glosses. Neutrals, reds, corals, pinks.

Blushes, mirror, applicators.

Dusty bronzy rose, pink and coral.

2 lip liners, 6 cream eyeliners (sorry didn't get a photo of the pencil eyeliners).

We will be posting extensive swatches, reviews of this palette and hopefully looks too. This is all a part of our Holiday Gift Guide series to help you pick the best purchases for your money. In past years, I had never paid much attention to the Sephora Blockbuster palettes, but after having this one a few days, I do see the appeal. There are literally thousands of combinations right at your finger tips. I'm excited to see how this stands up against other palettes that are offered this season. What do you think? Would you like this palette for a holiday present? Have you ignored these in the past too? Or have you bought one in the past? Did you like it?