BB Couture - Two Gorgeous Greens - Bonnie and Redwood Forest

Bonnie and Redwood Forest

Bottle shots.  
Similar base colors but variations in glitter.

Beautiful Bonnie

Isn't this gorgeous?  There is so much light coming from within the polish.  Bonnie is an emerald green jelly with mini glowing jade green glitter.  This polish is one of those rare colors that feels lit from within. Bonnie is from the Infamous Lovers - The Ladies collection.

Bonnie and Clyde, the movie, is just a stunning.  Faye Dunaway is just perfection in that movie.  Her hair, the costumes, her cheekbones are all perfect.   Not that this polish is really reminescent of any of that, but I have the same feeling of enthusiasm about it.  The hue, the glitter, the glow against my skin... everything about it is just breathtaking.

Bonnie with brighter artificial light.  Is it driving you jelly?!

Bottle shot of Bonnie.

Redwood Forest from Vampy Varnish collection

Redwood Forest is from the Vampy Varnish collection (A collection where I seriously cherish each and every polish).  If you are looking for more of a shade that's a jelly with a twist, then this is for you.  Redwood Forest is thinner in formula. 

 Redwood Forest

Redwood Forest bottle shot.  Notice how fine the glitter is.

Both of these colors are a deep hunter green jelly base.  You may say that they are too close to own both, but I'm greedy and like having both. 

The glitter in Bonnie is larger than Redwood Forest but I would still consider it to be micro in size.  It jumps out from the base color more and gives the polish more depth.  This applied better for me. It feels like Bonnie is the 2.0 of Redwood Forest.

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