Deborah Lippmann - Today Was A Fairy Tale - Swatches and Happily Ever After...

Today Was a Fairy Tale - 4 coats.

Deborah Lippmann does it again.  Her chunky glitters just fill me with so much happiness.  I love them especially in jelly bases.  Do you think Deborah Lippmann is a lacquer fairy godmother?

Today Was a Fairy Tale is a grey blue jelly base with cool silver glitter in three sizes. This polish contains Virgin Diamond Powder.  I am not entirely sure what that means, but doesn't it sound like something straight out of Disney? 

I needed 4 coats for total nail coverage, but I thought it was ok with 3 (see below).  I liked it the most over another base color.  I paired it with Rescue Beauty Lounge's Stormy

Make a wish with this starlight blue.   Three coats.

 I wish for more Deborah Lippmanns!

1 coat over Rescue Beauty Lounge Stormy.

I wish I may, I wish I might... have more Deborah Lippmanns tonight.   

Today Was a Fair Tale, $20 at