OPI Burlesque Part 3 - Collection Summary - Don't Judge a Polish from Its Bottle....

Rising Star

Originally, I wasn't going to review the entire collection since I purchase all the polishes myself.  But as I began swatching and seeing more swatches posted on other blogs, I really wanted to do a comprehensive review.  Rising Star was a polish that I had passed on initially.  Something about this orange gold seemed unappealing to me from the bottle.  However, when I finally got around doing a mani with it, I thought it was so absolutely flattering.  I could see this antique gold color looking great on a lot of warmer based skintones.

Take The Stage 

Take The Stage was another polish that I initially wasn't drawn to at all.  I would like to think that I'm not afraid of color.  I love blue, green, purple, pink, red, anything weird and duochrome-y, but something about this yam color was really off-putting to me from the bottle.... and I was actually really afraid to to try it!  In my mind, I insisted that it would be ugly, but I'm happy to report that I was just plain wrong wrong wrong.  I was too quick to decide that I hated it without even trying it.  Look at how luminous and lovely it is!  I actually really liked this so much more than Let Me Entertain You, which I loved from the bottle and still like on the nail.  Take The Stage is so different from anything that I own.  I want to apologize to this beautiful polish for judging it by the bottle! :P  Do you have any nail color prejudices?

Teasy Does It
A yummy chocolate cherry with red and golden shimmer.  This looked so blah in the bottle, but I loved it on.  If the Burlesque collection is a little too glitz for you, Teasy Does It is an easy way to be glam without being too bling.  I would even wear this in a conservative office.

Teasy Does It!  Pretty isn't it?

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It was hard to come up with a shortlist for this collection, as I really liked everything!, but here are my favorites:
- Ali's Big Break
- Teasy Does It
- Sparkle-licious
- Take The Stage

Which were your favorites?  Do you ever have nail polish prejudice?