Chanel SOHO de Chanel Palette - Highlighting Powder and Blush - Rename Chanel Soso Palette

Soho de Chanel

Soho de Chanel is a part of the Soho Story collection, to celebrate the re-opening of Chanel's Soho store in NYC.  This highlighting powder and blush come in a classic Chanel black compact with angled brush on the side.
I feel so "meh" about this compact.  So "meh" in fact that this post has been sitting as a draft for a couple weeks.  I am all for special pressed patterns and limited edition products, but something about this palette feels so mediocre.  The saving grace is that it is pigmented where it needs to be and subtle where it needs to be.  Mixed together it's a very pretty blush.  But how many pretty blushes do we own?  I wanted wow factor, and this just didn't deliver.

Limited Edition, $65. Available at

The compact with angled brush.

I just don't get a Soho or NYC vibe from this design.  What about you?

Swatched individually.

Mixed it's still pretty pigmented.
But worth $65?  I don't think so, ho.