NARSskin - Brightening Serum - Review

Before nails, before perfume but after makeup, I was really obsessed with skincare.  Being about all things beauty doesn't seem that odd to me, but I know for some people they like to stay in their own corners of the universe.  If you are afraid to branch out into skincare because it can be overwhelming, it may help to go with a brand you are already familiar with.

At my recent Nars makeover (click here if you missed the post), Tina walked me through the skincare line.  I had never paid much attention to their skincare, aside from a sample of mud mask which had impressed me.  Shiseido, Nars' parent company, takes the science of skincare very seriously, and Nars' skincare line, NARSskin, is definitely worthy of your attention.

One item that particularly drew me in was the Brightening Serum.  Imagine MAC Strobe Cream but with a luxurious sink-in texture and good for you ingredients. NARSskin claims that helps improve skin's texture and protects against free radicals.  I haven't used the product long enough to see if these claims are true, but I do definitely see a radiance and brightening effect, from the pink pearl iridescence in the product, upon application.

I love "glow" products like MAC Strobe Cream and By Terry Skin Enhancers.  But NARSskin Brightening Serum actually feels to me like good skincare too.  This serum just melts into the skin, and you have to figure that the fennel and Active Phytoseed Complex couldn't be hurting you either right?  So the Brightening Serum is not only a quick fix to help illuminate the face upon application, but hopefully these other ingredients will make a difference down the line in how your skin looks.  Until then, I'll be putting on this serum in the mornings!

The Brightening Serum retails for $61 and is available on, Saks, Neiman Marcus and other prestige retailers.  Check Nars' website for more locations.

1 pump.
Love the pump applicator.

Same dollop - smeared thickly.
See the pink pearl iridescence?

Rubbed into skin.
I didn't get a sense of overwhelming shimmer on the skin.  Just a nice glow and brightening.

To Review:
Pros: Good for you ingredients.  Better texture than other "glow" and "radiance" products (e.i. MAC Strobe Cream and by Terry Skin Enhancers).  Iridescence is subtle after makeup application (no disco face here).  Hygienic pump applicator.
Cons: Slightly pricey at $61 but you do get 2.5oz.  Opaque bottle may make it hard to determine how much is left in the bottle.
Overall Rating: A-

Have you tried NARSskin products before?  If so, which have you liked?  Are you also a fan of "glow" products?