120 Eyeshadow Palette - Beauties Factory - Swatches and Review - Holiday Gift Guide

120 eyeshadows?  Do you think you can use them all?

120 Palette by Beauties Factory

It's raining and cold here today in the San Francisco Bay Area, so I thought it would be fun to brighten up this dreary weather with some super bright colors.  Beauties Factory 120 Palette is a double-decker eyeshadow kit in a kalidescope of shades.  There are several versions of this palette available on Ebay from Beauties Factory and other sellers, but I have had good experience with Beauties Factory's customer service and their shipping was speedy.  Considering its price and the upcoming holiday season, I thought it would be a good time to review for our Holiday Gift Guide.

120 Palette - Colour Version #2 is $24.99 on Beauties Factory's site.

This set contains:
120 eyeshadows, in both shimmer and matte.

 The kit comes with two trays. 
The are not extremely durable, so this may not travel well.

 You may recognize this palette from YouTube.
Many YouTube Channel hosts use this palette to create a myriad of looks.

 Click to enlarge any photo.

 I love these neutrals.  
Version #2 comes with two blacks. 

 The pans are about the size of a dime.
Some may think that's small, but how much yellow eyeshadow will you use?

 Among all the brights, there are the basics like matte white and black.

Okay now you've seen the product.  
But what does this look like swatched? 

 An array of colors from Beauties Factory's 120 Palette.

But how does the 120 Palette compare to other high-end eyeshadows?

Inglot Freedom System Palette I made with bright colors.

I consider Inglot eyeshadows to have excellent texture and color payoff (the A grade stuff).  See my review of the Freedom System for more details (here).  I wanted to see how 120 Palette stood against my beloved Inglot and other high-end brands.

 Inglot on the left, Beauties Factory 120 Palette on the right.

Notice the smoother application on the Inglot.  The colors that I will be comparing aren't exact dupes, but I wanted to show similar colors and seeing them side by side to show 1. color payoff/pigmentation 2. texture.  BF 120 Palette had hits and misses on pigmentation and color payoff.  The textures didn't really compare with the smooth, silky quality of Inglot, but I don't think that it was exactly awful.  Look below to see what I mean.

Inglot, 120, Inglot, 120.
The red is on par with Inglot as far as color payoff, but the blue is not nearly as pigmented.  You can see that the red from the 120 Palette has a grainier, more brittle texture than the Inglot and that the blue from the 120 Palette is smooth but not pigmented.  However, it seems that there are more hits than misses in the BF 120 Palette.  See below.

Inglot, 120, Inglot, 120.
The yellow and aqua blue are very close swatched.  However, touching them, the Inglot is superior in feel, but if you are only using this palette for occasional makeup (like going out, trying out a wild look or just experimenting), then it should be a good choice. 

Urban Decay Deluxe Eyeshadow in Shag (swatched largely on the left) and three BF 120 swatches on the right.  

Again the Urban Decay won out in texture and pigmentation, but the 120 Palette offerings weren't bad.  I think that someone who wants to have a variety of colors on hand would really love having this palette.

Urban Decay Deluxe Eyeshadow in Shag
MAC Carbon vs. Beauties Factory 120 Palette's black
Again the 120 Palette was not as pigmented and in this case not as buildable. 

To Review:
Pros:  Lots of colors in one place.  Slim packaging (though not sturdy).  Great for variety in color (wild brights, basics, everydays) and finishes (matte and shimmers). Affordable.
Cons: Flimsy packaging.  Eyeshadows are very delicate and may not travel well.  Some colors do not have good color payoff.  
Overall Rating: B