Juice Shop SF

Getting our greens!  Me & Marlowe.
One of my favorite snacks or pick-me-ups is a cold glass of green juice.  In Barcelona, I asked the waiter at this very healthy restaurant if they also had green juice (after noticing their fresh pressed carrot juice).... his response was "Como kiwi?"  No, not like kiwi. :)  Greens like spinach, kale, cucumber most commonly... I usually try to avoid juices with spinach and kale as they are goitrogens, which is why I often make my own juice.  Juice Shop SF makes some seriously tasty and fresh juices.  I love the chubby bottles and the surf/drink juice mantra.  I usually get Liver Green, since it's made with dandelion root and not spinach and kale, which I sadly love but can't have in large quantities.

Do you like juice?

Do you do green?
Getting our green fix. 

The Spotted Pig / NYC Travel Diary

The Spotted Pig.
One of my favorite restaurants in New York City is a little gastropub called The Spotted Pig located in the West Village.  It's very English in decor.  Crowded and even more crowded with any and every kind of pig decor imaginable.  It's overwhelmingly charming and warm.  The staff is welcoming, and it feels completely homey.  I love to go for brunch early on a Sunday and get their biscuit and scrambled egg.  Hands down the most delicious biscuit I have ever had.

Seasonal decor.

One of many pigs.

Cranberry custard doughnut.

Chicken Liver Toast.

Eggs & biscuit.

Butter biscuit.

Admiring their festive decor.