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No More War

Happy Monday everyone!  Just a quick note that you can now find us @Beautyburg on Twitter vs "beenofone."  If you were following me as beenofone, you will continue to follow as Beautyburg.  I just wanted to add continuity to the blog and Twitter.  If you don't follow us yet, follow me on Twitter!  It's the fastest way to all the good Marlowe photos! :)

I wanted to start off week with on a positive note.  As we are all anticipating the finalists from Ji's Rescue Beauty Lounge Fan Collection contest, read about here if you don't know about (sorry it's already closed!), let's take a look at one of my favorite RBL polishes.  No More War is an olive camo green creme with exceptional coverage and wear.  As much as a perfectionist as Ji is, there are differenciations between applications among the colors.  No More War is utter creamy, smooth perfection when applied.  Two coats and you are done.  This shade of green is probably one of my favorite to wear among my wardrobe, but it would take a nail genius like Ji to think about creating it as a lacquer.  On my NC35, I find it flattering and unique.  To me, it's edgy but sophisticated, not hippie dippie.  And the durability in wear is tough as... well, nails?  I can get days without significant tippage. 

No More War - $18 at Rescue Beauty Lounge

To Review:
Rescue Beauty Lounge No More War Nail Polish - $18 for 0.40oz, available at
Pro: Unique shade.  Long wear.  Excellent application.
Con: Available only through Rescue Beauty's spa or website and at a few limited e-tailers, but they do ship internationally. 
Overall Beautyburg Rating: A