Sunday Funday! Link to My Guest Post!

Do you find the taste of snow as yummy as Marlowe?

Happy Sunday everyone!  Week is winding down, and we're getting ready to start a new one.  Today is a big day in America.   Probably a holiday that some people look forward to more than any other all year, and that's Super Bowl Sunday.  Yes, it's a day of binge drinking, eating and loafing.  All fun in moderation!

If you feel like doing something good for you instead, check out my guest post for one of my favorite blogs, Makeup and Beauty Blog.  I wrote about trying cold compressed coconut oil as a hair mask.  Read it here.  Coconut oil is also extremely beneficial as a food, not just as a moisturizer or hair mask.  It's full of good for you fats and has all sorts of health benefits.   Here is a photo that I saved for you guys!   You can use coconut on your pets too!  Rub some on your hands and let them lick it off of you, or use the oil as a conditioner when you give them a bath.

Read my guest post at Makeup and Beauty Blog.