Eve Pearl - The Eye Palettes - Au Natural and Diva Eyes

Eve Pearl Eyeshadow Palettes in Diva Eyes and Au Natural

Happy New Year everyone!  One of the great lines I discovered this year was Eve Pearl.  If you missed our recent Eve Pearl HD Foundation review, click here.  In the review, I did a look using the Au Natural palette. 

Eve Pearl, the person, is a five Emmy award winning makeup guru, and Eve Pearl, the line, makes fantastic quality products for getting you camera ready.  Her HD Foundation and Salmon concealer get a lot of attention from bloggers and YouTube channels.  From my recent haul, I have to say that every product I ordered I have become completely enamoured with, and these eyeshadow palettes are no exception.

I picked two palettes that were very different from each other, so I could get a sense on the spectrum of colors, finishes and quality from these products.  Just from the way most makeup lines are, it's rare that companies get mattes, shimmers, pearls, frosts, glitters all consistently right and in good quality.  Eve Pearl is not most makeup lines. All the shades were richly pigmented and applied smoothly.  I found myself drawing from both palettes to create looks.  I would definitely like to try other palettes from the line.

The ingredients.  Check the website for up to date info.

 Sleek gunmetal case.

Diva Eyes

Diva Eyes - this palette is full of so many fun and vibrant shades.  There is a little bit too much to use them all at once, but I love using this palette as my "accent" arsenal.  The Au Natural palette has great base colors to set up the eye for a "pop" color from Diva Eyes.  I love Emerald Green, and I have been using Black Frost to set eyeliner.

 Diva Eyes - Top: Sugar Plum, Cinnamon, Desert Rose.
Bottom: Black Frost, Midnight Blue, Emerald Green.

These were swatched dry with no base.  Wet and dry they are very pigmented.  When worn with an eye primer (like Nars Smudgeproof Eyeshadow Base), they wore very well all day with little fading or creasing.

Au Natural

Au Natural - Top: Caramel Crisp, Cafe Latte, White Russian.  
Bottom: Coco, Nutmeg, Tiramisu.

If you need a good neutrals kit, get this palette.  I have been using at least 1 shade from it since it arrived.  The lighter shades are also wonderfully rich and do not come across too sheer. 

 Look how thin and sleek the palette is.
Eve Pearl stacked on top of D&G, Chanel and Dior.

Another aspect I appreciate about this palette is how thin it is.  The packaging is sturdy, but it's sleek and thin.  No extra bulk to weigh down your makeup bag or kit.

If you're not sure how to use these palettes, I highly recommend checking out Eve Pearl's YouTube Channel.  Finally, a brand that understands how important and how dually beneficial it is to have instructional videos on their products. 

Au Natural and Diva Eyes are $40 each and available at EvePearl.com