First Look: LORAC - Box Office Sensation Holiday 2010 - Gift Guide Series

LORAC's Box Office Sensation

Continuing with our Holiday Gift Guide Series (it's own tab coming soon!), let's take a look at another big, all-in-one style palette from LORAC. LORAC's Box Office Sensation is a eyes, cheeks, lips palette priced at $56, limited edition and exclusive to Sephora.

This set contains:
- 36 x 0.05 eyeshadow (mix of matte and shimmer)
- 9 x 0.04 lip colors
- 3 x 0.15 blush
- 1 x 0.15 bronzer

The traincase packaging.

Click the photo to enlarge.
The top layer of eyeshadows seems more warm toned.

Detail. Top left.

Detail. Top Right.

Detail. Bottom left.

Detail. Bottom right.

Detail. Lipglosses.

3 blushes. 1 bronzer.

I'm interested to see how this holds up against the Tarte - The Jewelry Box palette. I wanted to bring Beautyburg's readers a comparative analysis on which is the better palette for their buck. I hope that I can offer a little bit of insight for you guys! Look for my upcoming detailed reviews with swatches and look for our Gift Guide tab at the top of this page.