Breast Cancer Awareness

I know I am late with this post, but maybe posting about BCA at the end of the month will serve as a reminder that this disease and the fight against it should always be in the forefront of our minds.

I have friends and family (some as young as early 20s!) diagnosed with breast cancer. It's a scary thing to think that so many people in our lives can be devastated by this horrible disease. It's been wonderful and uniting to see so many of my blogging friends sharing their thoughts and stories of friends, family and loved ones.

Here are some ideas for ways you can help with Breast Cancer Awareness. There are a lot of simple and easy (and even free) ways to support BCA!

- Get involved in a walk, 5k, marathon supporting Breast Cancer Research
- Donate your hair to a charity that provides wigs for cancer patients (I chopped off 14" last year and gave it to Beautiful Lengths).
- Post about it on your Facebook, Twitter, YouTube or Blog.
- Make a donation.
- Shop!
- Wear a pink ribbon.

Marlowe is wearing his pink ribbon today!! :) For more information check out and .

Marlowe's sign was created for Karen at Makeup and Beauty Blog. She put together a great idea to create signs for Breast Cancer Awareness... and she's even giving away a prize to boot!