Beauties Factory 24 Color Palette vs Ben Nye Lumiere Grande

A few posts ago, I reviewed BenNye's Lumiere Grande eyeshadow palette. (If you missed that post, click here.) To sum it up, great palette with uber pigmented, creamy shadows and a relatively good value. Those who wouldn't have use for a lot of color may not be interested, but if you love big color pay-off, definitely go for it.

While I was searching for the Ben Nye palette, I came across a very similar one sold by Beauties Factory. Beauties Factory is a website and Ebay seller that sells beauty supplies and makeup that I've seen a lot on YouTube videos (namely the 88 and 120 palettes). This palette that I am comparing with the Ben Nye is labeled as "24 Grande Color Eyeshadow Palette." It costs about $30 (less on Ebay I believe). I was interested to see if the color pay-off was similar to that of the Ben Nye and what the overall quality was like.

So I ordered... and here are my thoughts.

Open view.
Beauties Factory's palette comes with 24 colors, a mix of shimmer and matte in two layers of twelve.
One thing that it has over the Ben Nye, which I love, is that it comes with a black matte.

The two palettes closed.

Ben Nye to the left (the one with writing in the box) and Beauties Factory to the right.

Ben Nye (right) vs Beauties Factories (left).

Detail of Ben Nye shadows.

Detail of Beauties Factory.

Detail of Beauties Factory.

Close up detail of Beauties Factory.

In the pot, colors seem similar.

Similar pop-in case

Ben Nye on the left and Beauties Factory on the right.
This was the probably the best swatch example where I noticed a drastic difference in pigmentation.

Ben Nye (right) vs Beauties Factory (left)

Most of the Beauties Factory eyeshadows were of similar pigmentation, but not all were super-stars like Ben Nye. They were drier, but Ben Nye is exceptionally creamy and smooth. For those on a budget, Beauties Factory may be a good option.

To review
Ben Nye vs Beauties Factory
12 vs 24 eyeshadows
$50-$60 + shipping vs $29.99 or less with shipping included
all shimmers vs shimmers + mattes
all super pigmented & creamy application vs some misses but overall very good quality