Sunday Night At Beautyburg - Finding Balance

Happy Sunday everyone!  A really late Sunday (Monday in some parts of the world) post for me.  This past week has been insanely busy.  I am trying to find balance in life, work and love (namely this blog).  I just want to do everything all the time, and we all know that's not really sustainable... so where to draw the line? 

I picked this photo from a really scenic park on the German/Czech border where I went hiking once.  At the time I was in a similar situation and had to pry myself away from work for what felt like a forced vacation.  I was constantly checking my Blackberry.... staying up at odd hours to see what was going on back in New York.  But at some point on the vacation, probably when I was on this hike, things kinda came into perspective.  I was worrying myself sick with stress when I was literally half a world away.  And it just seemed stupid.

So bringing it back to now and today.  I am trying to find balance in my life where I still find time doing the things I love to do (meaning this blog) and getting everything I need and want to do done.  I can easily over-commit myself, so I am stopping myself from feeling like I have to force myself to blog and put out content in a way that isn't sustainable (e.g. staying up past midnight to make sure that I have three posts out the next day).

So until I find that groove, don't be upset at me if I'm posting only once daily.  I am working on finding a balance, but please know that this blog is such a passion and pleasure for me.... and I wouldn't want to give it up, ever.

I hope you guys have a great week.  I am looking forward to tomorrow! Good night!!!