Isabel Marant Pour H&M - The Stalk, The Wait, The Hunt, The Score

Arms too full.  Had to kick my pile. 

It was 3:50am.  My text to M said, "I'm in full makeup. See you soon."  I couldn't sleep that night.  It was the eve of 11/14.  A day I've had marked in my calendar with building anticipation for months.  No sleep 'til Marant.

Arriving at the H&M on Powell Street in San Francisco around 4:15am.  M and I were #'s 21 and 22 in line.  Yes!  Prepped with folding chairs, warm jackets and blankets (which we surprisingly didn't need).  We waited and waited until the sun came up.  Then there were wristbands!  We would be in the first group in line!  8:05am-8:20am.  15 minutes to grab, score and move on.

There was even less time to try on.  You just had to buy and go.  My arms were failing me.  I grabbed so much I had to kick a pile of shoes to a corner.  It was shopping overload but the H&M staff were well prepared.  I was impressed how well things were organized.

In a flurry of 20 minutes, I was out of the door with most of my wishlist and some additions.  I did miss out the black lace dress and skipped the fringe boots.  One my favorite pieces was a dark grey sweatshirt, randomly.  It's cut really well and feels extremely soft.

Did you manage to get to Marant?  What did you get?  Do you still want more like me?

This is what 4:23am looks like.

Marant windows in the morning.

Missed out on the this awesome sweatshirt and skirt.

Geared up.  Marants in line for Marant.

Wristband ready.

Hands out for wristbands!

Go this way... 
Oh la la!

So much stuff.  Yet I feel that I left out.

My score!

Yipee!!  I got it!  
Love this shopping bag.