Life's A Beach - Bed Head Deep Waver Wave Artist - Get Beachy Mermaid Waves

Bed Head Deep Waver, Wave Artist.

With summer coming up, there is nothing I love more than tousled, beachy waves.  We all want to be Gisele, but my natural hair is more like Naomi's (well her extensions?). 

Anyway, we all want what we can't have, so I wanted to test out Bed Head's Deep Waver Wave Artist before we were in full summer swing.   I purchased mine from a while back, but I had only tried it once and was convinced I did it wrong.  So after air drying my hair with some Herbal Essences Volumizing mousse, I heated up my Deep Waver and starting getting beachy. 

 My regular hair.  Just air dried with some mousse.  Straight. Flat. Meh.
This rippling crimper(?) creates waves in hair.

This tool isn't a curling iron.  It actual more resembles a hair crimper.  Remember those?  But instead of crunchy, angular pyramids, the idea is that these three rounded barrels give you soft, mermaid waves.  The heat time is very quick, and I appreciate the lock system for when it's cool for neater, cleaner storage.

Feed me! :-O

I took 2 - 3 inch sections of hair and worked the Deep Waver down the length of my hair.  It worked best when not taking too much hair at a time.  Many of my girlfriends love wavy hair, but they aren't as handy with a curly iron.  The Deep Waver would probably be an excellent choice for them.  It's super easy just to clamp down the length of the hair to get your wavy look.

 Is this how Shakira does it?
 Mermaid waves.  Fin not included.

All in all, I think it did deliver a nice wavy style to my hair.  However, I do believe that I could have achieved a similar and less frizzy look with a regular large barrel curling iron.  I found that sometimes my hair looked too "clamped" and not soft and natural.  Running my fingers through, helped soften these spots, but overall, I think I prefer a regular curling iron.  This tool would probably work best on those with at least shoulder length to long hair (probably best on longer hair)
To review: if you are good with a curling iron, you can probably do without this.  If you are bad with heated tools and want something easy to work with, give this a try (but make sure you have long hair).

Bed Head Deep Waver Wave Artist is available at and for about $30 depending on retailer.