Lucky Instameet at Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Recap

At the BCBG runway
Last week, I was extremely fortunate to win a contest with Lucky Magazine for their first ever Lucky Instameet at Mercedes Benz Fashion Week at Lincoln Center.  It was a whirlwind of an event.  I had found out I had been selected on Monday and then off to NYC by Wednesday.  Thursday morning I found myself at Lincoln Center.  IMG, Instagram and Lucky Magazine put together a great behind the scenes tour to Fashion Week.  The winners got to check out the new exhibition space and all the new runways.  We even got a glimpse backstage at Richard Chai as they were prepping for the runway.  

The finale of our event was a meet and greet with Eva Chen, Editor-in-Chief of Lucky Magazine, and some special guests.  If you follow Eva on Instagram and wondered what she was like in real life, her bubbly and  energetic personality don't just come through on her photos.   She was extremely gracious and kind; made sure that everyone had their photo taken with her even though she was running late to another event.  To be so thoughtful of the contest winners was so sweet, you just want to be friends with her.... which is probably why she brought so many great special guests in tow our Instameet!   Two of my favorite fashion bloggers, Rumi Neely of Fashion Toast and Aimee Song of Song of Style were there.  Aimee even brought Dani (my favorite Song sister)!    The model, sometimes blogger, Soojoo Park was also there in between runway shows!  It was a great afternoon of gushing, oohing and ahhing and picture snapping.  

Outside Lincoln Center.
The main hall.

The Instagram wall.
Selfies backstage.
Hair and makeup check!
Runway clearing out.
On the runway.
Me with the awesome Eva Chen, Editor-in-Chief of Lucky Magazine.
Soojoo Park, Rumi Neely from Fashion Toast, Aimee Song from Song of Style, Eva Chen.
Soojoo Park, Rumi Neely, Aimee Song, Dani Song.

How cute is Sooj?

Songsters.  Love how Aimee and I both have studded jackets on.

How gorgeous is Rumi?  How awesome is that coat? 

Thank you Lucky for making a fashion dream come true.  It was truly an amazing event to meet so many cool and influential industry people and bloggers.  I had the best time and hope to return some day to Fashion Week.  Until next time.... 

Beautyburg Is Going To Fashion Week / Thanks Lucky Magazine!

The winning photo
Pictured clockwise: Shoes: Prada, Lip Vinyl: Marc Jacobs Beauty; Nail Polish: Chanel; Crossbody bag: Madewell; Perfume: Frederic Malle Lipstick Rose; Nexus 7 tablet; dog: Marlowe Nugget :) 

Thanks to an awesome Instagram contest from Mercedes Benz Fashion Week and Lucky Magazine, I'm headed to New York to hang out with the ever so inspiring Eva Chen, Editor in Chief, and Lucky team at Lincoln Center!   To enter you had to "gram" your favorite fashion items and tag @mbfashionweek and @luckymagazine with the #luckyinstameet.  Fifteen finalists were selected to meet the Lucky team this Thursday in New York, and I can't believe I was one of them.  Above is the winning photo.  Of course, Marlowe is included.  He is always in style!

MAC Master Class with Senior Makeup Artist Louise Z. - Eras Reinterpreted!

 Louise Z. & Me

This past weekend I went to one of the three MAC PRO Master Classes that I signed up for this spring.  When living in NYC, I never was in a position to take advantage of these, so when I saw that three upcoming classes worked with my schedule, I was game!  Plus the fee for your class is completely refundable in MAC product.  Win win, right?

Louise Z., Senior Makeup Artist, was conducting the class.  The theme was Eras Reinterpreted.  During the course of the class, we discussed makeup and cultural icons of three different decades: 1920's, 1940's and 1960's. 

Many of the MAC PROs attending the class worked as makeup artists, but it seemed that the majority of students in the class had little experience with editorial makeup.   I try to do what I can at home, but of course, I'm still just a beginner.  It was great to see a master in action.  I regret not being able to take advantage of these classes more while I was in NYC, but that's life eh?  Thank you Louise for an inspiring class.  I learned a lot from your notes and also loved your attitude on makeup. 

Here were some of Louise's tips on editorial makeup:
  • Do your research - know the references, know the designers/photographers/models/icons/movies/culture/experience... Everything!  Immerse yourself!  Knowledge is power, so doing your homework will help you see eye to eye with the designer, stylist, client, whoever you are working with to get that special look.
  • Editorial doesn't always mean literal - A reference can be just that... a reference.  A nod to a certain idea.  Not a carbon copy.
  • Editorial can be wearable - Just because it's titled as editorial doesn't mean that it can't be wearable.  See Louise's 1960's inspired look as an example.  A nod to mega lashes and nude lips of the era without being a straight-up Bardot clone.
Louise Z.'s 1920's inspired look.  This could be straight out of Vogue!
 Love this vampy smoky eye.  I might try recreating this!
 Louise's nod to the 1960's.
 Notice the drawn on lashes. 
Louise's Editorial Must Have blushes.
Louise's Editorial Must Have Eyeshadows.  Happy to see Orange in the in mix!

To read more about the class go to the MAC PRO website.  To sign up to be a MAC PRO go here.