Blush IQ? MAC Jeanius Collection Blushes in Pink Cult and Overdyed - Swatches, Photos

MAC Jeanius blushes in Overdyed and Pink Cult.

What do you love more than a pair of tried and true jeans.  From the initial press release, I was stoked about MAC's Jeanius collection.  What's more iconic or American than denim?  With that as a source of inspiration, I was imagining amazing blues eyeshadows in different finishes.  Instead what was the result were pressed larger (more expensive) eyeshadows with oversprays and meh color payoff.... Less than riveting.

However one really nice surprise from the collection were two cool toned blushes.  Overdyed and Pink Cult are the two limited edition powder blushes with Jeanius, and they definitely fill a whole in my blush collection.  Overdyed is a bright magenta with a slight sheen, and Pink Cult is a flat muted matte dusty pink.  Both apply very nicely with good pigmentation.  Pink Cult is super smooth and not chalky at all.  I was actually surprised as to how much color showed on my skintone when it looked so light in the pan.

Swatched.  Pink Cult applied heavily, then with a blush brush.  Overdyed heavily and with brush.
Overdyed on skin.
Pink Cult looks surprising light in the pan.
Pink Cult on skin.  
You wouldn't think it would show up so much from how it looks in the pan!

MAC Jeanius collection is available at and at MAC counters nationwide.  Pink Cult and Overdyed Powder Blushes are $19.50 for 5.6g, 0.19oz.