FingerPaints - Winter Dreams Collection - Holiday 2010

 Merry Mittens, Winter Wishes, Holly Good Time.
FingerPaints selection from Winter Dreams Collection.

 Merry Mittens, Winter Wishes, Holly Good Time bottle shots.

More holiday collections!  Here is a sampling of colors from FingerPaints' Winter Dreams collection.  The three colors that I picked up from my local Sally's Beaut Supply were Merry Mittens, Winter Wishes and Holly Good Time.  See my swatches and reviews below.  I was surprised as to which one was my favorite.

 Merry Mittens

Merry Mittens is a cool, frosty poinsettia red with red, gold and silver glitter. From the bottle, I really thought I was going to like this color.  It was unusual enough to have both silver and gold in a red base.  But boy, on the nail this was just a mess.  Above is a photo without topcoat.  Notice how bumpy and uneven the application is on the nail?  The finish was slightly matte, somewhat satin (if you don't mind all the tiny pockets of bumps).  Admittedly, I am no pro when it comes to nail polish application, but as someone who does their nails 5x+ a week, I had a lot of trouble getting a smooth application with this.  The polish itself was thick and goopy.  I also think that the base shade of red just really didn't compliment the glitters.  The glitters were too warm toned while the base was really cool. 

There are tons of really nice variations on a red this season (e.g. China Glaze Sugar Plums), and this was just not a winner for me. 

 Merry Mittens with 2 coats top coat.
 Still not smooth enough.

 Winter Wishes without top coat.
I am just not a fan of this texture.  It's kind of matte but has a slight satin finish.  The part that bothers me is that it remains chunky and not smooth.   I really wanted to LOVE this.  Winter Wishes is a champagne warm frosty white with micro gold and silver glitter.  Again, gorgeous color concept, but hideous execution.  The quality of the polish just plain stunk.

Even with top coat added, you still get a sense of the texture, which to me is undesired.
Dear Santa, please bring me this color in a GOOD formula.  
I've been good this year.

 Holly Good Time
Pumpkin clear base with rust orange, red, gold glitter.  

The first time I saw this in the bottle, I was really unsure about it.  I that it looked like a Thanksgiving Day pageant gone to Vegas.  But on, I felt completely differently about it.  It wasn't gaudy, like cornucopia barf but it was rather glowy and festive.  The application was excellent.  Two coats and almost opaque.  This was my favorite pick of the three.

Holly Good Time.
My surprise favorite of the bunch. :)

 Merry Mittens with Holly Good Time.
This doesn't really work for me.   What do you think?
I kind of hate this, but I did wear this to see the new Harry Potter movie.

 Merry Mittens with Holly Good Time.
Not a match made in FingerPaints heaven.
What do you think of these colors?  Are you sick of these "surprise I'm matte" formulations?  Would you wear Holly Good Time this Thanksgiving?  I think I will.