Pendleton x NikeID / Air Force 1 High / How do I work those straps?

My NikeID x Pendleton creations.  A perfect warm wooly winter combo.

 Nike recently launched a collaboration with Pendleton to create custom sneakers (in models Air Force, Janoski, Blazer and Roshe Run).  There are 4 cool classically Pendleton prints to play with and some very supple suede to offset those iconic patterns.  As soon as I noticed them on the site, I quickly made myself a pair.  I wasn't the only one.  Now only the Blazer and Janoski lines are available for ID.  If you can, try to make a pair!  It's fun to create your NikeID model and see it come to life.  I'm especially thrilled with the way these turned out.  What do you think of them?  Try it out here.

More on Pendleton here.  The company was founded in 1863 but their tribal, Native vibe is very of the moment.  They have also done some cool collaborations with one of my favorite San Francisco street brands: Benny Gold.

I love how the laces are slightly off white.

I haven't figured out how to wear the straps without cutting off circulation.  All for fashion I guess! 
How cute is this tag? 

Marlowe with a Pendleton x Benny Gold blanket in the background.  He likes to get cozy with it.