Live From New York It's Beautyburg!!!!!

 Me in Times Square. 

I don't think I have ever photographed myself in Times Square before today.  Living here, it was just a place that I walked through twice daily on my way to and from work.  Well, here I am in Times Square taking a photo and loving every second of it!

 MAC Times Square

I never went into this location much when I lived here because it was more of a tourist center.  Today I went to check out the Quite Cute collection which released today.

 One thing to love about Times Square... SEPHORA!

This is the flagship Sephora store in the US.  It's still one of my favorites to go to.  The staff is super friendly, even with the overwhelming traffic.   I've seen the layout change over the years, and I'm always impressed with how tidy they keep it.

Another reason to love Times Square.... ANOTHER SEPHORA!

Yes, another Sephora just 1.5 blocks away.  LOL.  Unnecessary you say?  Try telling me that when I'm trying to hunt down the Naked palette.  Pssshtttt...

Today, I also stopped by Inglot, but I'm going to wait to get my 20 pans at IMATS or their Chelsea Market studio.  I also went to a PRO social at Make Up For Ever's studio which was really fun.  Koren of EnKoreMakeup was there!  Such a nice treat to meet a YouTube celebrity.

Big day tomorrow!  Stay tuned.  Follow me on Twitter for the real time updates and scoop on what  I'm doing and where I am! :)