RMK Spring Shimmer - Spring Summer 2011 - Haul And Presents from Taiwan!

 RMK Haul

Hubs just got back from a business trip to Asia, and he was soooooooooo nice to do some haulage for me while he was there.  I have to give kudos to any man brave enough to walk up to a cosmetics counter, let alone one in a foreign country where you don't speak the language.  

He knows I have a weakness for hard to get and pricey Japanese brands, and he was nice enough to bring new products from RMK's spring line.  I will have complete swatches and eye looks to follow.  My initial impressions are excited.  I love the pressed eyeshadows.  Two of the more metallic shades have chunky glitter and look like they would be perfect for highlighting near the tearducts.  I was cracking up when my husband was giving me instructions that he had learned from the sales associate on how to apply the product.  It was really cute!  

 Another present. A keychain from Din Tai Fung.

If you live close to a Din Tai Fung location, I highly recommend going!  We went on a recent trip to LA and stuffed ourselves!  Hubs brought back this nice little keepsake from his last trip Taiwan.

Bao Zai in a cute spring outfit.

Have you ever sent a S.O. or loved one out for makeup or nail polish?  What was the result?