Congrats to the Finalists! My Rescue Beauty Lounge Fan Collection Entry!

 The photo from my Rescue Beauty Lounge fan collection submission.

A little over a month ago, Rescue Beauty Lounge held a contest for fans for to submit their idea for their dream nail polish.  The finalists have been selected!  Out of over 500 submissions, Ji Baek, founder and owner of RBL, narrowed it down to 11.  You can vote for them here.  Unfortunately, my submission didn't make it, but I wanted to congratulate all the finalists and wish them the best of luck and also thank Ji for holding this contest. 

I also wanted to share my entry with you.  Here is the paragraph that I wrote for my submission.  It was based on something that I discovered early in my relationship with my now husband, and it lead to be my inspiration for my wedding dress, which I designed and made.
I first discovered moonstone while killing time at Lucy Barnes boutique before meeting friends for drinks.  In a crowded store, it felt that all the light was being pulled in and redirected as rainbows through a tiny bracelet.  The rough cut stones on this moonstone bracelet transcended into blue, green, red, yellow, violet from different angles in the light.  These seemingly white stones shifted and morphed, mesmerizing and drawing me in.  Moonstone is not only the idea for this nail polish, but it was the inspiration for my wedding dress.  I created the dress to capture the light and to be iridescent just like the stone.  This photo shows moonstone pieces that I used on my wedding gown on top of fabric from the dress.   I envision Moonstone, the nail polish, to be a semi-sheer soft luminous white creating a rainbow of opalescent effects in different lights.  I want this nail polish to make the wearer feel that all the light in the room is drawn through her and that she radiating rainbows.
I know so many of you had beautiful and creative ideas, and it's a shame that some of them weren't showcased.  Many of you have already shared your submission ideas on Twitter, but feel free to post them in the comments below (with links to the pictures if you have them)! 

My runner-up photos.
Do you like moonstone?
My wedding dress with had moonstone on the bodice. 
Photo courtesy of Paul Johnson Photography.

Thanks for indulging me everyone!  I would love to see your entries! Please post them or links to them in the comments.