Your Polish Here - Rescue Beauty Lounge Makes Your Dreams Come True - Turn Nail Polish Fantasy into Reality!

  Your polish could be here! 

Coral and Chinoise.

Today is the day y'all.  Today is the day that your dreams could come true.  At 9AM EST, Ji Baek, founder of Rescue Beauty Lounge, opens her doors, or rather an email address, and gives Rescue's fans a chance to create the nail polish of their dreams! 

Three SUPER lucky winners will be drawn from five finalists to create their fantasy nail polish.  Entrants are allowed to submit 1 paragraph and 1 photo from 9AM EST January 13th - 12PM EST January 15th, 2011 to  Five finalists will be chosen,  and then the fans vote.  The top three will collaborate with Ji to create something so amazing, unique and sooooo Rescue. 

I can't wait!  Do you have your entry sitting in a draft in your email right now?  If you haven't thought of an idea yet, there is still time!

Check out Ji's blog for more info.  Click here