Revlon Fire & Ice Collection - Vintage Inspired Packaging for Revlon's Classic Red

My collage of Fire and Ice featuring the tall drugstore display.
Smaller displays are also at stores.

In 1952, Revlon introduced Fire and Ice, an iconic red shade. When I think of certain brands, certain shades are just lodged in my memory. Chanel has Vamp, Clinque has Black Honey, Bare Escentuals has Mineral Veil... Revlon has always been Fire and Ice for me.

Revlon has relaunched the classic red shade of Super Lustrous lipstick in gorgeous vintage packing as a limited edition. I picked one up from my local drugstore for $8.99. The packaging is straight out of Mad Men. The lipstick case is columned silver and has vintage Revlon in gold. Totally elegant!

I am looking forward to whipping this out at a holiday party. It's too pretty not to show off.

Jessica Biel reinventing the 1952 ad featuring Dorian Leigh.

The vintage packaging.

Standing bold and tall. Fire and Ice.

I love this tube.

Vintage Revlon

Such a gorgeous, fierce red.

1952 to 2010, still a classic.

R is for really pretty.

Great pigmentation.


Swatched on lips. I'm not as pouty as Jessica!