OPI Burlesque - Part 2 - Glitters! 4 Application Styles and Color Pairings

Happy Thanksgiving everyone in the US!  On a personal note, this is the first year in many where we aren't hosting T-Day.  I am missing the smells, the prep and the food.  One tradition that we will probably be keeping this year though is the Thanksgiving Day movie.  No decisions yet on what we are going to see, but I thought I would take today to go over the glitters from OPI's Holiday Collection Burlesque, polishes inspired by the movie starring Cher and Christina Aguilera.

I reviewed a few polishes from this collection earlier, but here are all the glitters from the collection together.  The glitters weren't created to correspond with other colors in the collection, so I thought I would "style" them with other shades in my collection.  I also decided to show the glitters in 4 applications:

All Polishes Are Applied As Follows:
Index: 2 coats base + 2 coats glitter
Middle: 3 coats glitter
Ring: 2 coats base + 1 coat glitter
Pinkie: 1 coat glitter

Simmer & Shimmer with Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure in  Gray by Gray

Simmer & Shimmer is contains a majority of bright sapphire blue mixed with yellow, pink, silver.

Simmer & Shimmer

Show It and Glow It! with OPI Lucky Lucky Lavender.

 Show It and Glow It! with OPI Lucky Lucky Lavender.

Show It and Glow It! - a bright violet glitter with some silver, blue, pink particles.
This combination is so pretty and girly!  I love it.
Sparkle-licious with OPI Funky Donkey from the Shrek Collection.
Many of these glitters look really cute with Shrek colors!

Are you a Viking or Lakers fan?  Are you going to Mardi Gras?  You need this polish.
 Sparkle-licious is a mix of gold, violet and blue glitters.

Bring on the Bling with Fiercely Fiona.
This is one of my favorite combos!

Bring on the Bling - Warm gold with particles of silver, pink, green, blue.  

I love this combination.  I would wear this pairing in the application style that's shown on the ring finger.  I love how it makes Fiercely Fiona so much more festive.

Another Shrek combination!
Glow Up Already! with OPI Who the Shrek Are You?
Glow Up Already! - A bright gold mixed with particles of red, blue, yellow and silver glitter.
Click on any photo to enlarge.

Glow Up Already! 

Extra-va-vaganza! with The Show Must Go On!
This is the only one that I paired with another Burlesque polish.  These two seemed to compliment each other without overpowering one another.

Extra-va-vaganza! with The Show Must Go On!

Extra-va-vaganza! with The Show Must Go On!
Strawberry Shortcake went to Vegas.
Overall, this collection is just plain fun.  As shown, they are great for spicing up other colors, or for a really blingbling look you can wear them alone.  The glitter density allows for 3 coats for a completely covered nail.  I'm not sure if Burlesque will make the cut to be our T-Day movie this year, but Burlesque polishes I will definitely be wearing this season.

What are you doing for Thanksgiving?  Do you and your family have any traditions?  Anyone going to see a movie?? or Burlesque?