One Lovely Blog Award - Thank You Leslie and My Nominations

Being a new author to the blogging community, it's just been a really wonderful and welcoming experience.

Leslie from Girly's Beauty nominated me, 15 bloggers total, for this lovely award, and I wanted to thank her so much!!!  I'm ashamed to say that it took me a while to post and forward this nomination to other people, not for the lack of great bloggers out there, but because of the difficult task of deciding on who!

I wanted to mention these beautiful bloggers for the work they do.  They inspire me, and I love seeing what they have on their minds day to day.  There are many other people out there that post insightful, funny, wonderful things, but I was limited to 15, so here goes!

Also Known As... 
Black nail polish and lipgloss
Bright Lights, Big Color
Chloe's Nails
The Fancy Face
For the Love of Nails
Imperfectly Painted
Nouveau Cheap
Pink Sith
Polish Insomniac 
Scandalously Polished
Sparkled Beauty
TesJ0e's Blog