Monday, November 15, 2010

Zoya Haul Part 1 - Sparkle Shimmer Reds, Duochromes Purples - Bottle Shots

Long before I fully immersed in nail polish, I had known about Zoya.  I had ordered a few bottles after reading about the brand in a magazine.  At that time, I was deeply into makeup and fragrance (which I'm still into) but never spent much time caring about my nails.  Most days, I would go unpolished and unfiled.  When I had first received my first Zoya haul, early 2008, I definitely noticed that there was a difference in the quality and application of these polishes.  I hold Zoya responsible for peaking my interest in lacquer.  As you can imagine, it's been a downward spiral from that moment.

I took advantage of a recent sale at Zoya to catch up on recent collections that I had missed out on.  If you don't follow Zoya's blog or Zoya's twitter, I highly recommend doing so.  It's the best way to get the latest info on upcoming promotions.

Here are some bottle shots of my haul.  I will definitely be doing swatches of all of these over time, but the difficult question is which one first?

Shimmery reds!
Left to right: Nidhi, Jade, Karina, Carrie Ann

Left to right: Nidhi, Jade, Karina, Carrie Ann

 Nidhi - duochrome pink, purple, yellow, orange.  
Cannot wait to try this one!

Nidhi is from the Sparkle Collection

 Jade -looks like a jelly in the bottle?  Gotta try it on.

Jade - Red with red microglitter.
This one was hard to photograph, but I hope you can get a sense of the texture from the bottle.

Karina - cool metallic wine red foil.
The Wicked Collection.

Carrie Ann - pink/red foil with copper shimmer.
The Wicked Collection.

Left to right: Julieanne, Roxy, Valerie

Left to right: Julieanne, Roxy, Valerie

Left to right: Julieanne, Roxy, Valerie
Julieanne - Joker purple duochrome with violet, green, sapphire shimmer.
The Wicked Collection.
 Roxy - deep magenta jelly with grape candy colored glitter.

Valerie - super cool-looking violet duochrome with copper, gold, green shimmer.
The Flame Collection.